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Founded in Gorizia in 1974 by the two general partners Marco Miklus and Pietro Spadari, the EUROEXPRESS s.a.s. started its business in the old customs terminal of Casa Rossa.


Originally specialized in customs practices, over the years our company has developed its structure and has added, near the field office situated from 1980 in Sant’Andrea station, the covered warehouse located in Via Monte Hermada, 6 in Gorizia.


The latter, opened in 1988, allowed us to expand the range of our services, such as integrated logistics services, storage and groupage transport.


Since 1st January 2019 EUROEXPRESS has became s.r.l.


Today our company is able to offer to the client, who wants to trade with the eastern European countries, a complete service until delivery as regards transport issues, without the need of other providers, greatly reducing costs and having as a reference point only one subject during the transport.


We conduct customs operations both of import and export in the Gorizia border station (spero sia giusto così), but also in our warehouse: this last one is the most advantageous solution, because of the waiting time reduction.


Our staff, specialized and competent, is able to give you all the answers to your customs or fiscal questions.

The strength of our company and our 40-year-old experience are at your disposal.


We organize road transport for both complete and small consignments.


We make use of national and foreign reliable road hauliers and cooperate with the major road haulage companies.


Our specialty is the transport from and to eastern European countries, in particular the ones born since the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, the ones of the former Sovietic block and the new members of the European Union.

We conduct also national and international transport operations from and to western European countries.


The chance of talk in mother tongue to our clients and partners allows us to solve any inconvenience that could happen at every stage of the delivery.


We have a national covered warehouse, in which one side is used as customs warehouse, that permits to store merchandise, under suspension of the tax burden until its extraction and nationalisation.


The availability of these structures and our staff competence allows us to offer integrated logistics services, such as the collection, the eventual storage and the consequent delivery of the goods, that make possible for our clients’ resources to be concentrated on their core business.